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Selv Immersive Sun Kit

by Selv
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A turnkey bath ritual with coconut, lemon and lavender. lavender.

The sand slides between your toes. You are in the shade of the palm tree, lulled by the whispering of the waves. It's sweet, it's good.


Himalayan pink salt, lemon, coconut, straw flowers, lavender flowers, lantern, 36 pack of incense matches, Sunshine ritual botanical oil (hlemon essential oil, lavender essential oil, natural coconut fragrance, sweet almond oil, argan oil, avocado oil, apricot oil, natural fragrance and vitamin E).

  • Do I put everything in my bath?

The ultimate goal of doing a bath ritual is to put all the items, even our floating soy lanterns, one by one and make a wish, a request to the universe and take this time for yourself. Everything goes in your bath, except the matches, the Palo Santo stick which you will keep outside the water.

  • How many baths can I take with an immersive kit?

You can take a bath and put everything in to get the full experience. You will have incense matches or matches for other uses.

You can also use a three-bath kit. Simply divide the bag into three.

  • How do we collect the items after our bath?

Just bring a bowl beforehand. Towards the end of your bath, quietly pick up the items with your hand, without stress. This is a way to close your experience. Be grateful that you had this beautiful bathing ritual.

  • Will the smaller items clog my drain?

The items, such as lavender flowers, eucalyptus leaves and particles, will be soft and will not block your drain. These ingredients are organic and biodegradable, so they are safe for the environment.


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