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Self-Love Weekend : Benefit of 15% off when you shop our new brand WOMANIZER.
Self-Love Weekend : Benefit of 15% off when you shop our new brand WOMANIZER.

Bath tea - New Moon


Ground, soothe, reflect


The New Moon is a time of rebirth and renewal, inviting us to tune in and rest. Scented like a field of lavender and chamomile, our New Moon bath tea is deeply soothing to the mind, soothing to the physical body and exhilarating to the spirit.

According to Ayurveda, the element air and ether, known as vata, is dominant during the New Moon, evoking a cold and flickering energy. This bath tea balances the energy of the New Moon with a combination of grounding and warming herbs - it invites us to comfort ourselves in the void, as it is the open space in which we plant the seeds of new intentions.

This packaging is made from post-consumer (recycled) waste and is recyclable.

Two baths / 8 oz


Lavender, Jasmine, Chamomile, Skullcap, Tulsi and Safflower. All ingredients are organic, vegan and gluten free.


Lavender induces physical relaxation while elevating the spirit. It relieves stress on all levels and soothes aching muscles. Jasmine, known for its dreamy aroma, also relieves pain, relieves muscle cramps and reduces psychological stress. A powerful antioxidant, chamomile displaces prana (subtle energy), eliminates toxins, reduces inflammation and promotes tissue repair. Skullcap calms the heart, reduces inflamed emotions and soothes the nervous system. Tulsi, described in Ayurvedic texts as the Goddess incarnate in plant form, relieves pain, reduces inflammation, soothes headaches and lifts the heart. Safflower heals and soothes the skin, promoting a healthy glow.


Infuse 1/2 contents of a standard size (34 oz) jar French press filled with hot water - or on the stove - for 20 minutes. Filter and pour into bath water. Immerse yourself, set an intention and listen to your breath. Enjoy your new moon bath during the week surrounding the new moon. To fully integrate yourself, bathe each week with each of our four lunar blends. Check the Moon Bath Lunar Calendar to determine which moon phase it is time to connect to. Enhance your experience with the infused salt and sacred smoke of Moon Bath.