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Happy Belly powder : Metabolism and digestion

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Digestive Aid | Botanical Digestive Enzyme Booster | Belly Detox

We are excited to launch our NEW powder which is our beloved Fat Belly Tonic, now available in delicious (and potent!) powder form! This exquisite powder is easy to sprinkle into anything, healthy foods, smoothies, juices, simply dissolve in water to drink as a digestive juice before meals.

We live in a world where there is an abundance of bad fats on the market. And they enter our lives unnoticed and in the most unexpected ways. Often the oils we buy in grocery stores are rancid, heated to high temperatures where their nutritional density is destroyed, or are simply refined or saturated fats. Over time, this can tax our liver and cause many common side effects such as bloating, gas, allergies, stagnation, slowed metabolism, etc.

We designed this formula to help break down fat, stimulate healthy digestion, detoxify and boost metabolism.

Key Benefits:

+ May help deflate.

+ Carminative, reduces gas formation.

+ Anti-inflammatory.

+ May increase circulation.

+ May act as a detoxification aid.

+ May help with fat metabolism.

+ May help alkalize the body.

+ Can restore energy.


Cranberry juice extract powder*, Garcinia cambogia extract powder, mangosteen fruit^, mangosteen bark, bugra cha leaf^, ginger, hibiscus*.

*Organic / ^Wild


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