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Euphoria Powder: Joy and libido booster

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Joy + Bliss Booster | Aphrodisiac | Awakening the Spirit

Our new and delicious love potion is here! Our famous libido boosting elixir, Euphoria, is now available in a potent powder form. We couldn't be more excited as this is an EXQUISITE and EFFECTIVE powder that is easy to use.

In addition to being a mood enhancer, the herbs in this formula are known to awaken the spirit, make us feel good and uplifted, while containing herbs known to nourish our reproductive organs, help reduce excessive stress, anxiety and soothe overworked nerves.

Indigenous people around the world have been spicing up their lives with the help of wise and valuable plants for as long as humans have explored sexuality. In fact, some of the most potent aphrodisiacs, mojo boosters, and mood enhancers come from the lush terrain of the jungle.

That's why we've chosen some of the best herbs indigenous to our founders' territory of Central America, as well as Amazonian powers that delight our minds.

Key Benefits:

+ May act as an aphrodisiac.

+ May improve mood.

+ May stimulate creative energy.

+ May increase libido and sexual desire.

+ May help increase fertility.

+ May be nutritious for the reproductive system.

+ May uplift the spirit with joy.

+ Helps increase connection between self + others by opening the heart.


Pomegranate powder, cocoa powder*, goji berry powder*, rose powder*, lucuma powder*, schisandra powder, damiana powder, catuaba powder, guarana powder, vanilla powder*, muira puama, monk fruit*.



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