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Bath oil - floral fusion


Looking for a way to get rid of stress? Look no further! Try one of our three oil mixtures of bath for a experience stimulating It can be soothing, calming or relaxing!


Simmondsia Chinensis oil (jojoba seed), Cananga odorata oil (ylang ylang), Jasminum officinale oil (Jasmine)

Jojoba - helps repair dry skin and can help cure acne, eczema and psoriasis. Fights irritations and infections. Its content of vitamin E and B complex helps fight free radicals and sun damage, while keeping the skin healthy.

Ylang Ylang - helps inflammation and keeps the skin smooth and moisturized. Used as an aphrodisiac and antidepressant.

Jasmine - helps to rejuvenate dehydrated skin and reduce scars and spots. It is said to relieve depression and insomnia.

Directions for use: Pour the desired amount of product into the bath while the water is running. Soak the whole thing and relax!

Directions: Dispense the desired amount of water into the bath when running the water. Soak and relax!