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Self-Love Weekend : Benefit of 15% off when you shop our new brand WOMANIZER.
Self-Love Weekend : Benefit of 15% off when you shop our new brand WOMANIZER.

Unisex deodorant N5


Completely natural, aluminium-free, very efficient. The holi deodorant is the flagship product of Agent Nateur, developed by Jena Covello after learning about the harmful effects of heavy metals on health. N4's signature fragrance - developed in partnership with skin care formulator Shiva Rosa - offers a romantic blend of warm sandalwood and love-enhancing rose.


INGREDIENTS Coconut oil is a nourishing oil that contains a unique combination of fatty acids known for their health benefits. Approximately 50% of these fatty acids are lauric acid, a powerful antimicrobial known to heal blemishes, eradicate harmful pathogens and protect the skin.
Avocado butter is produced from the flesh of the avocado fruit and provides nature's purest vitamins, minerals and fatty acids. This rich balm melts on contact with the skin, leaving a protective layer with a velvety finish.
Castor oil is produced by cold pressing the seeds of the Ricinus communis plant. This thick antibacterial oil is known to reduce inflammation, moisturize and protect against bacterial infections.
Sandalwood oil is a natural antiseptic and anti-inflammatory commonly used in aromatherapy rituals. Its earthy aroma promotes calm and harmony while supporting the third eye chakra and fostering a deeper connection with the self.
Rosa damascena oil is valued for its moisturizing and healing properties. Associated with the heart chakra, this fragrant oil is often used in aromatherapy to cultivate feelings of self-esteem, acceptance and compassion.

* Agent Nateur products are certified Ecocert organic and compatible with even the most sensitive skin.