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Candle Tonka bean, wood amber and vanilla


Tonka bean, vanilla and woody amber -

A dance between the feminine and the masculine. Oriental scents are combined in this fragrance that combines the masculine sensuality of Tonka bean with the feminine charm of amber and vanilla. An intoxicating fragrance that invites exploration while enveloping us in its comforting notes.

Reusable amber glass jar - Give it a second life!

Ingredients: We use non-GMO soybeans grown in the United States and blended with 100% natural botanical oils to produce a candle that burns longer, is healthier for the environment (and the spirit!) and leaves little or no waste in the air. It's important to know that our candles are scented with a blend of synthetic fragrance oils and 100% pure essential oils to produce the most fragrant candle possible.

8oz - 50h