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Self-Love Weekend : Benefit of 15% off when you shop our new brand WOMANIZER.
Self-Love Weekend : Benefit of 15% off when you shop our new brand WOMANIZER.

Candle - It's going to be okay


Candle made in Quebec.

The fragrance of this candle will warm your heart by bringing your mind under the sun. Somewhere on the coast, the sound of the waves, the soft scent of sunscreen, the breeze of the sea.

Golden sand: *fresh notes of citrus and amber.

Soy wax candles, they burn about 50 hours each.

The company

Dimanche Matin is a Quebec company that specializes in the art of sleeping in. The products offered by the company have been created to integrate the sweetness of a Sunday morning into every morning.

Dimanche Matin offers an original range of fruity spreads, which will fit into any kind of morning.

For an even more zen and cosy atmosphere, Dimanche Matin fait also offers a line of organic soy wax candles (which burn for about 50 hours each and are not harmful to health), a textile line (cushions, placemats & aprons) and vegan hand balms. All products are made in Quebec.

The meticulous choice of ingredients and eco-responsible choices are at the heart of the company's values. The gift wrappings are made from recycled materials and are recyclable, and waste from the production of spreads is composted.

As soon as possible, the company sources locally. The berries and pumpkins come from Lanaudière, the apples from Rougemont, the fine herbs from the garden or from Quebec companies. Lemon juice is always freshly squeezed in the workshop for each recipe.

Sunday Morning, it's like your cozy mornings, your long sweet mornings, your eyes half awake. It's the comfort of your favourite knitwear. It's the sun in your grey morning. Sunday morning is perfect for a girls' brunch, a romantic dinner, a flowery picnic. It can also be slipped into your noon, your 5@7 or your late night cravings, you might be surprised! Dimanche Matin adds a touch of simplicity and exoticism to your daily life, so that every day is "Easy like Sunday morning".