A platform

Ousias is not only a shop, but also a platform. A platform where you can directly buy our best discoveries in the art of living and well-being. You will find the best products that meet the 5 pillars of Ousias, which are a guarantee of quality and durability. Finally, a blog, written by us for you. With the help of contributors, we write about your favorite news and wellness topics.


Wellness - wellness is a feeling of inner peace when you feel on your X at any given moment. For me, it's when I close my eyes while drinking my morning tea in the sun with my partner and children. It's so simple, but with so much power and impact on my day. It is this feeling that we want to convey in Ousias. It is with the help of simple and rich products that will give you this feeling of abundance and authenticity that we hope to elevate your daily life.

Well-being starts from the inside and with a state of mind, but as the saying goes: a healthy body in a healthy mind. That's why we believe in green nutrition - coming from plants and also in movement as a healer. You will find in our shop, products that will give you super powers with the help of supplements and also items to train at home, especially for yoga and meditation.

A blog

We also share with you via our "Food for thought" to make you smile and inform you on a wide range of wellness, lifestyle and current events. With the help of contributors, authors and professionals, we write articles to keep you informed.

A girl

That's me; the girl behind Ousias. Rosiane. Just a regular girl, mom of two doing her daily sleep-job, working in her fields since many year after graduating from university in her bachelor in psychology. Always a little creative around the edges with some eclectic ideas. A natural entrepreneur and certified yoga teacher, I wanted to offer a platform for women like me, who love to surpass themselves, live a conscious life and personal development while cultivating cocooning and an authentic life.

I hope we'll meet more often and don't forget to come and say hello on social networks!