BLM and my beige.

I'm writing this article with great caution. A very simple article. I thought about it long before I wrote it, because who am I to write about Black Lives Matter. Just a white girl living her best life with nothing much to complain about. Doesn't give me much credibility.

As a result, I have never been denied employment because of my skin colour. I have never been excluded from anything because of my melanin - or rather the lack of. It won't take me 19 months to reach the same salary that a white man makes in a year for the same job. I'll never know what it's like to be portrayed in the same way on television - a colourful character that speaks loud and aggressive, actually when I watch women on television, they're pretty much all like me and I feel well represented in my beige range of emotions. When I cut myself, I can also choose beige band-aids that won't show too much on my skin. When I go to the pharmacy, I can choose from a variety of shampoo and conditioner for my hair, I don't have to go above and beyond to search for simple daily products. Anyway, maybe these are all futile examples, but it just proves how little I know about them - they're just going through life.

So I wish I had something super smart and deep to add, but I remember it's not my place. It's not my voice we're supposed to hear, it's the voice of those we've silenced for too long.

So I invite you to sit down, to listen, to read, to learn, but above all to welcome. Welcome the discomfort of change.

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