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Une fois que la poussière sera retombée.

Once the dust settles.

The children left school to settle into our already hectic daily lives, our jobs emptied out and we all ended up landing between two worlds, a bit of imagination and survival.

After a few days, I received a message from a friend I hadn't spoken to in so long. When I saw his name on my cell phone. It felt so good. Crazy good. It was so simple, I liked it so much that this person, sitting somewhere in his living room, thought of me. He was wondering if me and my family were okay. And then a few other people came along who I thought I'd lost sight of, too. I spoke with my other friends and they too confessed to me that they had received messages from people they hadn't talked to for ages. They also confirmed how this situation put their relationships with others into perspective. Finally, despite the physical distance, we all felt more connected to each other.

So I want to invite you to be vulnerable and authentic today, even more so during these uncertain times. Take the time to reach out to someone who sometimes occupies your thoughts. You will be surprised at the impact of taking the time, for the person in question, but also for you.

One day the dust will settle and we will remember those days, but we will remember more the people who were physically far away but close to our hearts.

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