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Une fille, une idée et une pandémie

A girl, an idea, and a pandemic

A girl

This is me; the girl behind Ousias. Rosiane. A very ordinary girl, mom of two children who does her daily job. Always a little creative around the edges with  eclectic ideas, I like to rethink the world in my own way. Working in Youth Centers, graduated with a baccalaureate in psychology, yogis graduated in my spare time and also formerly owner of a children's business Les Petits Loulous.

An idea

Les Petits Loulous is a company that I created from my kitchen table in order to respond first to my need for bedding with different patterns than what is found in stores. I also liked making items that others would appreciate the same way. Unfortunately, I had to close my doors for many reasons, but especially because the fabric industry is very competitive and not very profitable. It was then that I told myself that it was only partially postponed. Loving contact with customers and discovering new things. I knew that I was pondering an idea well in order to continue in this entrepreneurial vein.

A pandemic

A global pandemic, March 16, 2020. Everything closes. Schools, stores and even gyms and yoga studio. HELP. Working out is my number one escape. I need it for my sanity. I will not lie, I was ULTRA DISAPPOINTED. It’s hard to say. During this crisis time, everyone is buzzing about health, living in the present moment, rest and the local economy. And Boom. The idea appears, this idea;  a Boutique that represents all these elements: Ousias.

The Boutique

Ousias is not only a regular Boutique, but also a platform. A platform where you can directly buy my curated Canadian and Quebec discoveries *. I want the best products that meet the 5 pillars of Ousias, which are guarantees of quality and durability. I also share with you my 'Food for Thoughts' which is in fact notes and brief stories from my daily life and which are there to make you smile and inform you about a variety of wellness topics. The Boutique Ousias is therefore a unique place to get everything we need for wellness and health experienced in the comfort of our living room.

* Some products on the site may not come from Canada. Their values ​​and qualities have stood out; these products represent my discoveries from abroad.

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