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Pourquoi je ne serai pas productive en ce moment

Why I will be all play no work during these times

Since the very beginning of this pandemic, we have been bombarded with lots of messages. Stating that this is the best time to get back in shape, to attack the house chores that have been forgotten, to make renovations too long postponed and even to make your bread (WHAT), in short, do more work than before this global crisis. I wonder. Why does society encourage us so much to be productive, especially we women. By the way, if making your bread has changed your life, please send me a message, because I want to know more about it! In short, I have the impression that in our community, we only measure our success by money and work, we pride ourselves on being always super busy; scattered around for the kids' activities, tasteless formal suppers and hard work without passion. During these times, I took the time to look around to find an answer, why do we always need to be moving forward? I did find an answer through my children, I learned to take time.

I have often thought that children are the best teachers for adults. Although we teach them certain things, they are always ready to teach us the greatest lessons in life. It is through the eyes of my children that I looked at the flowers in my garden, it is with their hands that I planted the tomato plants in the warm earth, it is with their smiles that I I realized that with a simple garden hose, we can create memories of a lifetime. So I decided to breathe, I decided that being present with them was enough for me. I have given myself the right to survive this pandemic and that I would simply try my best.

I will not make my bread. I will not attack my house chores, actually there are days that my house is upside down. I will not get out of this pandemic more intelligent, motivated or as 'a new woman'. I will be the same, but I will have taken the time to savor every moment, even the least beautiful.

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