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Ma routine matinale que je te partage

My daily morning routine

For me, morning is my favorite time of the day. Each new day represents a new opportunity to start off right, no matter how the day before went. Every day, we can make a new decision to improve our life or simply to be present in our body and in our family or community.

Get up early.

You may not be surprised by this, but after you have had your required hours of sleep, there is no need to stay in bed to hang out, despite your cozy bed. If you have young children, try to get up before them to savor the second minutes in silence to devote this time to you.

Nourish your body.

Personally, I practice intermittent fasting and only eat breakfast later in the day. However, every morning I drink my tea and try to savor it as much as possible with my beautiful chaos swirling around me.

Carry out a positive and encouraging message.

Try to keep your conversations positive and open. Positivity within brings positivity in others. Too often, we allow ourselves to be influenced by the draining conversations of others. We don't have to listen to others complaining incessantly.

Do sports.

Eager for fitness and running, I work out six days a week, keeping the 7th day for active recovery and rest. Too often sport is mentioned for weight loss, but we often leave aside the mental benefits, such as clarity of mind, management of emotions and stress, evacuation of the energy overflow due to a sedentary lifestyle and office jobs.

Shine bright.

Finally, there is no perfect and unique list of daily routines. The important thing is to find a moment for yourself each morning, a moment full of innocence and positivity that will leave its mark throughout the day.

When you find your routine, try to do it for the next full month, but be gentle with yourself. It is sometimes tempting to return to your old habits. Try to challenge yourself. Several routines that we read talk about productivity, but today, I don't want to explore this facet. In our competitive society that measures success by the car you drive, today I want you to be compassionate with yourself.

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