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Les cristaux, ça marche tu?

Crystals, do they work?

New fashion, crystals? Despite the general craze for them, crystals have been part of the human way of life for several centuries. Quartz has even been found in the sarcophagi of the great pharaohs. When we start talking about crystals, it is not uncommon that some people roll their eyes or suddenly we are seen as a modern-day witch. That is why today I am giving you some good arguments to let yourself be tempted by them.

1 Crystals; a conveyor of energy.

In 1800, Pierre Curie discovered that pressure on a crystal produces energy. This is why certain crystals are used in technology. Also, it has already been shown that quartz crystals have metaphysical energy that records vibrations, just as a tape cassette uses magnetism to record sound. Our thoughts and bodies emanate energy which would be amplified with crystals.

2 An alkaline element

Crystals have an unknown alkaline power. Difficult to prove this phenomenon, scientists can only confirm that water and the elements become alkaline when exposed to certain crystals. This is why some beauty products will use tourmaline to have invigorating and toning properties.

3 A tradition

Therapeutic facial or body massage with crystal-based tools such as Gua Sha is based on many years of practice and tradition. In addition to promoting the movement of chi in the body; the pressure, freshness and alkalinity of the stone used increases the production of collagen, moves the tissues under the epidermis and reduces inflammation. Frequent use can reduce the frequency and severity of migraines and arthritis.

Now, which one to choose? They're all pretty. The way to choose a crystal is to pick the one that calls us the most. At Ousias, we selected four semi-precious stones that resonate the most with us, although we had a penchant for black obsidian. 

We love the Mount Lai brand with its Gua Sha, the roller and even its stones used to reduce bags under the eyes.


A protective stone that invokes harmony.

The Amethyst

A stone that calms nervousness.

Rose Quartz

Because of its pink colour, it is easy to remember that this crystal invites love.

The Black Obsidian

Powerful quality of absorption of negative energy. Brings clarity through challenges.

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