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Les bienfaits du Yoga sur le corps

Benefits of Yoga on the body

There is no need to list the benefits for the mind and mood. Yoga is doing more and more for us through our daily work and is proving to be the best ways to focus on yourself and manage our emotions. On the other hand, we sometimes forget the extraordinary benefits for our body.

Strong bones and flexible joints.

With age, it is not surprising to see bone density decreased, especially in women. The joints are also less flexible and frozen over time. Exercise is a great way to remedy these problems, yoga in particular, which causes less impact and increases muscle mass, which in turn alleviates the impact on the joints.

Yoga for an amazing memory

According to Brazilian studies, the memory capacity is increased following a recurrence of Yoga classes. Yogis therefore are better at retaining information than any other athletes.

A healthy heart

The heart is an important muscle in our body. We often forget this information. The accelerated and demanding routines of Vinyasa yoga are excellent for improving our cardiovascular capacity.

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