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Il y aura toujours une place à ma table.

There'll always be room at my table.

Even when I'm hungry, I'll share my table.

Even when the sun shines on me, I will share the glow.

Even when there are a lot of people present, I'll make sure that you too have a place.

Going into business, a dream a little less rosy than one imagines. We tell ourselves that, FINALLY, we're going to live according to our only dependencies and that we won't answer to anyone's words anymore. We also tell ourselves that all our acquaintances will encourage us and come and stand in line when the doors open. It's quite a disappointment when there's no one at the door, or at least not the people you would have hoped for. And this time, I won't be one of those who excuse the jealousy of others. No, it's not jealousy.

I have the impression that this is mostly a feminine phenomenon, as if the sun wasn't big enough for everyone. I want to do something different, I want to encourage you. I want to encourage the other companies in Quebec, who are doing pretty much the same thing as us. I want to encourage other brave women in business. I want to see you shine too and live your best life.

Luckily, I'm not writing this mental note to complain, but rather to bring us all together. I hope that Ousias will be much more than a shop, but also a community. A community of women who have only one goal, which is to support each other and spread the message of feminine well-being around them.

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