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Routine de nuit très cozy

Cozy night time routine

before settling in to read this, you might want to grab a piece of paper or your journal and something to write with! Xx

The leaves have turned and sweater weather is officially upon us, which means we are manifesting permanent cozy vibes. There is no better way to embrace the changing of the seasons than giving your body and your mind a little extra love.

As the cold sets in and the FOMO fizzles out you deserve to focus on yourself. Maybe that means committing to some personal goals, reading a book or even writing a poem. What matters is that you take some time for YOU amongst all the craziness.

Before getting into the list, stop reading. Grab a pen and paper. Now make a list of your own. Write down some of the things that truly make you feel incredible.

Now, maybe you can also be inspired by the following and combine this brief list with your own!!

  1. Draw a bath - make it lux by adding some bath salts or bubbles.

Your body has the incredible power of subconsciously responding to external cues. Taking a bath is one of those cues. Slowly your body starts to relax; your shoulders and neck release, your mind starts to slow down, and before you know what’s happening, your mind and your body are floating above everything that you left at the door when you walked in.

  1. Turn off your phone

Turning off your phone not only gives your eyes a rest from the harsh light, but it also shuts the door on habitual distractions or notifications that could intrude on your YOU time. Unless you are expecting a call or a text, reality doesn’t exist within the confines of this hour you’re giving yourself.

  1. Pick up a book you’ve been meaning to read

Is your bookshelf filled with books that you’ve been meaning to get to or only got halfway through? Same here! We’re changing that, right now.

  1. Grab your journal

Sometimes you don’t realize how much you have been holding onto until you let yourself write. The best part about a journal is its ability to listen to your every thought whenever you feel like letting something out. Not only does writing give you that instant relief/unburdening, but doing it consistently over an extended period can help you discover patterns about yourself that you would never have been able to recognize.

  1. Make yourself some tea

Just like a warm bath, holding something warm between your hands is another sensory cue that helps your body to feel safe and secure - like a welcoming hug. Maybe you’re drinking a digestive tea or chamomile to help you wind down, either way enjoy!

  1. Put a face mask on

Can you honestly say you had a self-care moment without treating your skin? Maybe you’re even going the full nine yards and putting in a hair mask as well, you deserve it!

  1. Turn on your diffuser

No slow evening would be complete without filling your room with a beautiful aroma. My favourite is the Vitruvi diffuser. I admit, in all honesty, that using this baby will be something you end up craving every night and it will quickly become an integral part of your everyday routine. Not to mention you can use it morning and night by switching up your essential oils according to the mood you are trying to set.

Now that you’ve gotten inspired, it’s time to follow through! You can be completely spontaneous, or you can schedule it into your calendar so it’s permanent. Pick a night, pick a time and commit. You won’t regret it. And remember, this is for YOU.

If not now, when?


Your number one fan, Katherine! Xx

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