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Pourquoi vous allumer est en fait le cadeau le mieux pensé en cette saison des Fêtes

Why turning yourself on is actually the most thoughtful gift this holiday season.

With winter just around the corner and, well, the current global health crisis, immunity is at the top of everyone’s list this holiday season. Instead of depending on face masks to protect you, how about turning to a natural resource we all have access to for free: your sexual energy.

Sexual energy aka your sacral chakra is the home of your life force energy, your creative energy. When it flows you are magnetic, glowing, unstoppable. You are in your power and able to manifest anything your heart desires into reality. You are a queen of creation. This is exactly why sexuality and the feminine have been shamed and shunned for millenia and why it’s time now more than ever to reclaim it.

To increase your personal power, your joy, your health and for the good of all humanity.

Your feminine body is a treasure trove of pleasure, healing and wisdom. Being turned on, allowing yourself to experience pleasure in your body and having orgasms optimizes hormonal health and boosts your immunity. Yes, you heard that right, orgasms are you doing your part during this pandemic.

Not only is connecting to your sacral chakra good for your health and thus the collective, it also increases your confidence, your powers of manifestation and your creativity.

On the flip side, when your sacral chakra is blocked and the energy isn’t flowing through, illness and ailments often manifest in the body. Your energy levels plummet and your skin can lack luster and glow. A blocked sacral chakra leads to diffulties with intimacy, low sex drive, creative blocks and a higher likeliness to suffer from depression. Which is a real risk considering the long dark days ahead and the isolation we’re all facing!

Try one (or all!) of the practices below to activate your sacral energy, get your creative juices flowing and boost your overall health and vitality.

  1. Self-massage: Massage any part of your body slowly tracing it with your fingers and being present with the sensations. Give yourself a head massage and say yes yes yes out loud, reprogramming your subconscious to learn to say yes to pleasure. You don’t even have to touch your yoni! It’s really about tuning in to pleasure and giving yourself permission to feel good in your body in the now.

  2. Wear red: An easy way to activate your sacral energy is through colours! Wear a red piece of clothing or simply put on some red lipstick or nail polish. It instantly connects you to your sensual feminine energy every time you see it.

  3. Self-pleasure ritual: Take an epsom salt essential oil bath to cleanse and relax and then slip into your favourite silky robe. Romance yourself by trying on different lingerie, taking selfies and seducing yourself in the mirror. Invite your vibrator or crystal wand to the party, bring yourself to orgasm and bask in all your beautiful energy.

  4. Sensual dance: Play your favourite slow jam, close your eyes, rock your hips back and forth and in slow circles, feeling the music in every inch of your body. Allow yourself to let loose and awaken your erotic goddess self from the inside out.

Regularly taking time for yourself, tuning into your body and activating your sacral chakra helps circulate sexual energy and increases your vitality, health and magnetism. But don’t just take my word for it, try out these practices for yourself and see how much your energy, health and relationship to yourself and others shifts.

Bringing a whole new meaning to #selfcareisntselfish this holiday season.

Stay tuned for monthly posts on how to activate and harness your divine feminine energy and follow me over at @oraclesisterhood @gravityrose_ for more on the topic.

Article by fiery Aries Sabrina Cassis (aka @gravityrose_), a feminine empowerment guide, pole dancer and digital strategy coach for women on a mission. Founder of empowerment platform, her mission is to help heal the imbalances of the feminine and masculine in the world by supporting women entrepreneurs step into their power.
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