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Pourquoi j'ai échangé mes produits pour le corps pour des produits naturels

Why I traded my skincare products for natural ones

Did you know that among the hundreds of ingredients toxic to the body, Health Canada and the FDA ban only a handful. What does that mean? It means that the products you use for your face, hair and even for babies are filled with preservatives, fragrances and emulsifiers with dubious unpronounceable names.

The skin as an organ

We often forget that the largest organ in our body is the skin! Yes, it does not only act as a protective barrier against external elements, but also as an absorption and regulating agent for the body. For example, patches filled with nicotine or contraceptives that reach the blood vessels and release their contents throughout the day. It is therefore important to keep in mind what is applied to it, because small doses accumulate over the course of a lifetime. If you apply 5ml of Parabens (an ingredient proven to be carcinogenic and found in a variety of body products), the total for a year is almost 2 liters!

Read labels like at the grocery store

Bartering for natural products is often a process. You have to learn to recognize non-toxic ingredients. Be careful, I do not recommend throwing everything away and wasting it! My trick, I choose brands and stores that I know that offer my favorite natural products (like Ousias!) When I am in doubt, I will consult the EWG Skin Deep website. My advice? When you have finished a product, try to find a natural alternative product (bonus point for a Canadian or Quebec product)

Natural, but effective

When I started changing my products, I washed my face with water and used coconut oil to moisturize my face. No need to explain to you that I had no results, but in addition, my skin was worse than before. Although the skin can go through a period called 'detox', the skin should become even more beautiful when using 'clean' products, because the skin is less irritated and inflamed.

The example of talc

Talc on the skin is extremely carcinogenic. At the beginning of the century, a product widely used for feminine hygiene in addition to that for baby's buttocks, it was found singled out in recent years. Several women ended up with cancers of the reproductive system. What do they have in common? All used the same renowned baby powder. They used it because during this era, this product was sold to make women feel cleaner in the vulva area. Obviously, at that time, we did not know the repercussions of this product used for the body. This is just one example that demonstrates that we need to be more aware of the products used in our body products.

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