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L'orgasme au féminin, pourquoi et comment

The female orgasm, why and how.

Once upon a time, a man and a woman, let's call her Eve and him, Adam. She decided despite the warnings to eat an apple and she was punished until the end of time to give birth in pain. You guessed. One of the oldest stories of the male-female relationship is found in the bible and portrays women's sexuality using a metaphor, how the woman is a sinner who lets herself be tempted. She has frivolous manners and thinks only of pleasure. Fortunately, a lot of water has flowed under the bridge.

The madness of women

Obviously, the evolution of the status of women has been a long work, it is only in the 20th century that women acquired egalitarian humanitarian rights with men. Despite this, several men worked hard to counter this and tried to prove with scientific articles that the women were crazy and should not have decision-making rights. Their fragile mental state was attributed to their reproductive system, which meant that their womb and uterus prevented them from having adequate reasoning. Women who revolted were called hysterics . It was only later, during the hippy years, that women really freed themselves and accepted their bodies. It is at this moment, that we began to speak about female pleasure. Sexuality is no longer a task to accomplish in order to procreate. Contraceptive means were becoming more and more encouraged.

Female orgasm

Unfortunately for men and luckily for women. Women do not need the penis of the man to reach the orgasm. The clitoris, the main erogenous organ in women is solely responsible for orgasm. It can be stimulated in several ways either by external stimulation via the vulva or internal by penetration. Many women find it hard to reach orgasm with a partner (keep your eyes open for the next article), since they often think it is abnormal not to have orgasm by penetration. The vast majority of women need additional stimulation during intercourse made by themselves or a partner to reach orgasm. Sex is often synonymous with a power relationship for men, they sometimes feel useless when they are in the presence of women who know their bodies and know what it takes to reach their own orgasm.

The independent and free woman

In the same vein, men have long believed that women were dependent on them to reach orgasm. It is only for the past few years that women have spoken openly about their sexuality and that they have appropriated their orgasm. Obviously, to do this, you must take the time to explore your body and its erogenous zones. We must relearn to know the touches that suit us and to add fun. Vibrators and personal massagers are great companions to accomplish this task. They are effective and give diversity as to the type of orgasm. We have added some of our favorites to the store. Their color and shape are inclusive and non-intimidating. Go take a look.

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