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Nos trucs GLOW d'été

Our summer GLOW tips

With golden skin and wind in our hair, our beauty routine doesn't have to be an extended one to feel beautiful and comfortable in our skin. We've gathered our three favourite summer ritual tips.

1. Skincare, skincare and skincare.

Sweat, sun and residue are all irritants to the skin. So don't forgo cleansing it even if you spent all day in the water and moisturize using a light matte cream like Grown Alchemist. Of course, summer means UV rays, so don't forget to add your fave sunscreen as a last step.

2. Skin health starts from the inside

To improve skin elasticity, add a collagen supplement to your morning smoothie or coffee. We particularly appreciate the one from AgentNATEUR which mixes tasteless marine collagen and a mother-of-pearl addition that stimulates collagen production.

3. Light makeup

Forget about heavy foundation and blush. Instead, enhance your skin with a multi-purpose cheek and lip balm and use a simple mascara to open up your eyes.

Of course, we don't forget our basic rules: drink plenty of water, eat foods rich in vitamins and macro-nutrients, and perform daily self-care rituals to lower our stress level.

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