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Nos trois trucs contre le 'Mascné' ou l'acné du masque

Our 3 top tips again 'Maskne', acne caused by the mask

The famous mask, some love it, others hate it. Unless you live as a hermit in the depths of the woods, you have to wear it a little every day or even depending on your work, for several hours. Its usefulness is well founded and it is essential to wear it not only for oneself, but also for others.

Now, that we have named all the virtues of the mask, can you also talk about the fact that our skin has not been as bad as since we used Noxema masks at 15 years old? RIP glowing skin. Add to that the last heat waves and things are not looking up, bb! Thank goodness for Instagram filters!

MASKNE, or mask acne is now one of the most searched terms on Google. First, you have to discern what acne is. They are pimples, irritation and redness on the surface of the skin. The skin may appear inflamed, purulent, and can even be painful at times! Moisture, CO2 as well as bacteria in the mouth get trapped in the mask, add to that the irritation caused by the fabric or the paper of the mask and there is the perfect nursery for a quantity of bacteria. They are the culprits.

What to do about it?

1. The mask

choose a non-irritating mask model if you can and especially wash it regularly with a mild soap. The skin of the face is very delicate.

2. Let go of your skin

With acne often comes the thinking that it should be 'punished' or corrected. Rather the opposite, it is rather time to lighten your routine. We can even give it time to breathe, without product and especially without makeup.

3. Choose quality skincare

Obviously, the quality of skin care, but also the degree of toxicity influences the resistance of our skin. By using natural products that provides relief to the skin, the skin will be in a better position to fight the harmful bacteria on its surface.

We hope our tips will help you feel like an absolute queen while doing your groceries WITH your mask on.

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