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Le point G, vraiment?

The G-spot, really?

By Sabrina Leblanc of SomeonexSomeday

A little higher, I think, and I'm there. Two or three more centimetres. If I squeeze my finger to the right, is that better? What if I move like this?

You're wondering what he's so desperate to find. You've already spent a lot of time on it yourself in your little solo sessions. This isn't a scavenger hunt, Simon. The G-spot is for Dr. Ernest Gräfenberg, not for Get inside the cavity until you find it. But if you ever do, I promise I'll yell BINGO.

The famous G-spot. Does it exist? Is it a myth? Honestly in 2020, that's not even the question to ask anymore. But hey, if we had a map, I would tell you to get on the starting line at the entrance of the vagina, go straight on for 2 to 5 cm, then direct your fingers upwards to reach your destination (in case the person with a vagina is lying on his back). Stimulating it could create a sensation of wanting to urinate, and even lead to female ejaculation. On the contrary, you don't feel anything? In fact, you feel a physical sensation, but maybe it's just not pleasure? Don't panic, you are not alone.

Putting all your energy into trying to find your G-spot is a bit like doing the Love is Blind's auditions. You do the best you can, you're excited at the idea of experiencing something so called extraordinary (without really knowing why). Only to find out it might just be a huge flake. Hello disappointment. 

In 2020, the question is rather to know why you should put your hand (or rather your finger) so much on the G-spot if the sexuality you are experiencing is already fulfilling and satisfying? The disappointment of not finding it is normal and legitimate (even if research does not prove it beyond doubt). However, this pressure on women can become a barrier to pleasure. We must not forget and neglect all the other areas of the body that can be much more stimulating and pleasurable for some women than penetration or G spot stimulation. Let's not tell women what they should prefer and instead listen to their needs for sexual pleasure. 

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