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Faire confiance à la saison dans laquelle nous sommes

Trust the season you're in

Every winter we find ourselves making resolutions we barely keep beyond a week. It’s not because you’re lazy or you lack discipline. It’s because it’s unnatural. Reinvention is a lot more suited to spring, not the dead of winter.           

It’s in the spring when seeds planted start to sprout and animals return from hibernation and hints of new beginnings appear all around us.       

Winter is for recharging, resting, reflecting.          

So why do we place all this pressure on ourselves every time our calendar year shifts?           

Because we live in a world that disregards the cycles of nature.

A world that promotes an unnatural linear way of living focused on productivity at the expense of the planet and our health.     

Denying the seasons, denying our need for rest and relaxation, denying the feminine. We are the only creatures on earth that completely disregard the cycles of nature because we mistakenly believe we are separate from it.           

But the female body functions according to the rhythm of the moon and the seasons. Every plant, animal, relationship and business follows the cycles of birth, life, death and rebirth.          

When you listen to your body and give yourself permission to stop, rest and enjoy, you are feeding your reserves for the following phases.         

Yet our society teaches us our worth lies in pushing beyond our limits. It teaches us that if we aren’t actively doing, we are lazy and unworthy of success.           

So much shame and guilt is tied to the feminine, including the honouring of our cycles and our need to slow down.         

Yet these phases are absolutely necessary to the process of creation. Rest and play are what fuel our creative energy and intuition.          

So the next time you start feeling guilty about resting or ‘not being productive’ remember that rest is necessary. Rest is natural.  Rest is nourishment.         

Remember, you are nature, you aren’t separate from it. Every season serves its purpose. Honour the season you’re in, on the inside and out.

Stay tuned for monthly posts on how to activate and harness your divine feminine energy and follow me over at @oraclesisterhood @gravityrose_ for more on the topic.

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