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Comment réduire son anxiété de performance

How to reduce performance anxiety

One of the most common concerns we hear from our clients is that of performance anxiety. We are not only talking about performance anxiety at work, but also in our personal lives as mothers, life partners, lovers, friends, etc. The pressure is constant to be the best at everything. We give a lot of ourselves, only to end up with an empty cup. So we share with you our best tips to keep this anxiety under control and free ourselves from this pressure.

1- Know how to say no.

Easier said than done. Set limits for yourself and for others. If you are tired, take the time to listen to yourself and rest. Take it easy sometimes, the tasks and others can wait.

2- A solid sleep routine.

It is not a discovery, being tired predisposes us to stress and anxiety. Go to bed at the same time every day and turn off the screens.

3- Limit social medias

On the gram, we only see the beautiful side of everything. Keep this mantra in mind. Remember that even appearances are often deceptive and that the photos often have retouched and filtered.

4- We apply self-care gestures

Take care of yourself, no matter how. Whether it is through body products, training, nutrition or even masturbation. We choose what makes sense for us and we set aside a daily time for this lifestyle choice.

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