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Comment 5 minutes de ta journée peut t'aider à avoir une belle peau

How to meditate your way to beauty

More and more, we talk about the connection between body and mind, the importance of a healthy mind in a healthy body.

When our skin begins to show imperfections and blemishes, we often blame hormones, our diet of the last few days and even our new favourite products, but rarely do we examine our inner life.

There's no hiding from it, the last few weeks and even months have been very difficult for most of us. The pandemic, the radical change of routine and the loss of a certain enjoyment of life have a super stressful effect on our bodies and our skin is the first to show us.

What is the cure? You can put away that credit card. The best way to deal with stress is free and you already have everything you need to start. We're talking about meditation. It's been around for many years now, and has come back in force with the wave of craze for yoga and new age.

Meditation is proven to reduce stress, it reduces the level of cortisol in the blood, the hormone that causes stress. It prevents that good oxygen from reaching the surface of the skin and prevents cell regeneration. In addition, by meditating, our blood pressure drops. If you suffer from rosacea, your rosacea will therefore show less.

How do we start?

  1. Turn off all your screens. Tik tok can wait. Meditation doesn't have to last an hour. A 5-minute session to start is perfect, gradually you can increase it as you feel more comfortable.
  2. Put on relaxing music or not. You determine what helps you focus on the present moment.
  3. Focus on your breathing. Inhale and exhale.
  4. Use an app if you need help. Our favorite by far is the Calm one, it even has ASMR.

Have you started meditating recently? If so, come and tell us your best tips in the comments!

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