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Comment être encore en couple après la pandémie

How to make your relationship survive this pandemic

Whether you've been in a relationship for 10 years, or you've been nurturing a new flame since this summer. The fact remains the same, the opportunities to diversify our moments outside the house are rather meager. So we spend a lot of time indoor either as a couple or family, which can sometimes become stifling. Hopefully, the pandemic will not destroy too many couples by the end of its passage.

So we've been thinking about our best tips to make sure you don't end up on Tinder by the time this pandemic is over.

Limit the time and space allocated to work.

Sometimes you don't really know what day or time it is. With the days getting shorter, it gets dark quickly. No need to impose your work schedule on your partner. Give your 100% during working hours and then you can devote yourself fully to the family or your partner the rest of the time.

Limit your substance use

Keep some days sober and set limits on your consumption. A big part of couple's arguments happen when you're drunk. What's more, the next day we quickly realize that nothing makes sense or both of you were saying the same thing.

Going out and finding time to have fun

Getting your vitamin D dose and breathing fresh air is good for anyone, sometimes it shifts your whole day and mood.

Having clear boundaries

Time alone is also very important. Put on your headphones and go to another room to watch cat videos on youtube. IT'LL BE FINE.

Don't make any big decisions.

Looks like your partner's trying to get on your nerves, huh? The way he breathes gets on your nerves, he chews his food too loud, he doesn't pick up his dirty knife from the sink. We're all in this together. This exceptional circumstance will pass. So inhale and exhale and try to remember the good things about your partner, maybe you wonder if he's the right one? Make your decision after the pandemic, when things are back to normal and you no longer stare at each other all day long. 

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