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Combattre ton anxiété naturellement.

Fight your anxiety naturally.

Stress and anxiety are common problems today. Instant access to information, social networking and pressure to perform are contributing factors. A little stress is normal, even beneficial for the body and mind. It is when it prevents us from living a normal life and interrupts our daily activities that we need to find a solution. A self-care routine is in order, including sports, a balanced and varied diet, drinking plenty of water and reducing caffeine and alcohol consumption. In addition to these tips, we have found four supplements to add in your smoothies, ingest in capsules form and even drink as tea. They are all available in our store.


Another adaptogenic herb that comes in powder, pill, or tincture form, ashwagandha root helps our bodies acclimate to stress and anxiety by significantly reducing our cortisol levels. While this herb can also help increase stamina and promote restful sleep, it's a great support herb for hormone and mood health year-round, or when life is quickly overwhelming you.

St. John's Wort

This soothing herb is excellent in nighttime tea, tincture or capsule. Not only is it soothing, but it's also powerfully antidepressant, helping to combat those dreary blues that usually accompany the chaotic feelings associated with anxiety. This makes it a mood booster during the darker months (seasonal affective disorder), premenstrual syndrome, insomnia, and of course, anxiety.


Reishi brings the body and its systems back into balance. This mushroom powder is considered soothing and relaxing, helping us to unwind and promoting deeper restful sleep which can be difficult to achieve for those who suffer from anxiety. An excellent choice for calming the racing mind and relieving anxiety. By promoting sleep, grounding and centering us, this medicinal mushroom also helps to promote greater resistance to stress over time.

Vitamin D

This nutrient can improve seasonal anxiety and depression that worsen during the winter months. One study showed that vitamin D deficiency was associated with both anxiety and depression in patients with fibromyalgia. Vitamin D is also important for immunity, bone health and heart health, and helps protect against cancer.

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