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Amour de soi - une pensée

Self-love - A blurb

I thought I knew the definition of love; interwoven as an energy in motion during an exchange.

I thought I felt it within my most monumental moments. I sensed the movement of my Soul during my first kiss; within the happening of ‘I do’ on that blessed day; when I heard the wail after his first inhalation. I also had caught a glimpse of her subtlety within the more mundane. Him making my oatmeal at 5am. Getting lost in the darkness of your pupils, no words exchanged; hearing them laugh together as they play; the touch of fingertips on my back.

The she asked, “Are you seen by yourself?”

If Lao Tzu proclaimed, “You must love in such a way that the person you love feels free” and Ram Dass recited, “I am loving awareness”, could it be as simple as freedom within awareness. Bearing witness, aware and awake to the all of your Self, at the same time utterly free of conceptualization; No more attacking your vulnerability. No effort to accept. No need to change. No trying to heal or mitigate. Could love be an admiration of all that you are, suspended in a space of freedom from who you think you are. Awareness: being within the quantum field of miraculousness. Freedom: transcendence of self. There, only love exists. Stretch your time, there.

Can you sense it? Might just be my greatest revelation yet.

If I can practice this form of love for myself, naturally I can be love within each experience.

Journal Prompts:

What is your definition of love? Are you worthy of love? Where and with whom do you lead with love?

A journal by Erica Arsenault - yogi extraordinaire 

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