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5 façons simples de mieux dormir dès maintenant

5 easy ways to get better sleep

I feel like we’re all tired, even tired of being tired. What about your sleep? When we take the time to ask ourselves questions, I think we all end up saying that we should sleep more. The human body needs about 7-8 hours of sleep, some need more and some less. When we sleep more, we feel energized, positive and it is easier to get involved in our daily tasks. On the contrary, when we lack sleep, we feel irritated, impatient and we make less good choices especially in terms of food, which in turn contributes to making us feel even more tired!

It is not uncommon for me to get up in the morning and say to myself, "Tonight is THE night, I go to bed early, no matter what happens." Obviously, when the little ones are in bed, I tune into Netflix and go to bed as late as the night before. In the past, it was not Netflix that kept me awake, but rather my anxiety. My little hamster who continues to roll despite the fact that I tell him to calm down a little. Other times, I watch way too many weird tiktoks on Instagram. In short, sometimes, any reason is good for going to bed a little later than planned.

If in the past I had trouble staying asleep, I have adopted several strategies in order to have optimal sleep. So I share my secrets for a simple routine with you. It’s not just kids who need it, but so do we.

1. Practice sport. Sometimes we need to take out the stored energy. Whether it's running, yoga, anything, the important thing is to move. Yoga and meditation are also great for learning how to manage your hamster. Using your breathing techniques at bedtime is very relaxing.

2. Take a warm bath. Bonus points if you add relaxing products to it.

3. Put away that phone. Blue light from electronic devices prevents your body from secreting your natural melatonin, the hormone responsible for falling asleep.

4. Invest in your pajamas and bedding. Obviously, if your bedding tugs at night or your pajamas irritates your skin, it's bad. Change them as soon as possible! Sleep is also synonymous with comfort!

5. To great ails, to great remedies. If all of these things don't work, there is nothing wrong with taking a natural supplement to help you. Knowing that they will not create addiction, I love the supplement Well Told - Sleep. The supplements are great for helping sleep.

I wish you a good night tonight. Try my tips and come find me on social medias to share your opinion!

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