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5 façons de couper le sucre

5 top tips to cut sugar out of your life.

We're sugar addicts here in Ousias. We love everything sweet, especially desserts. Apart from the impact on weight, sugar is devastating from all angles and we talk about it more and more. At the immune system level, the metabolic impact and also in general on daily well-being. According to some studies, it is also proven that sugar has an impact on mental health, as sugar disturbs the health of the intestinal microbiota, a place where most neurotransmitters reproduce, which in turn ensures the health of the brain.

Of course, everyone has their own challenge when it comes to cutting sugar. Some people already have no problem because they don't have a sweet tooth and some will have a big challenge. It is also important to define the difference between foods rich in simple sugar and those rich in complex carbohydrates. Foods rich in simple sugar are obviously those that taste sweet, but also those that use white flour, such as pasta and bread. Here, we will talk mainly about these foods, because foods rich in complex carbohydrates are excellent allies for weight loss and maintenance of blood sugar levels during the day.

So here are our main tips for cutting simple sugars.

choose low-sugar fruit

Far be it from us to give fruit a bad name. Obviously, they represent a group of foods that are essential for the proper functioning of the body. However, there are better choices. Berries can be perfectly used to reach our daily micronutrients level. Strawberries are richer in vitamin C than oranges and are lower in sugar.

Limit your carbohydrate intake

Sounds redundant, but if you're like us, the more we eat it, the more we want it. You have to make the decision to limit your intake. It's kind of like a bad breakup with an ex.

limit alcohol and caffeine

Caffeine is a big culprit. As soon as we get up, we get high on our coffee. Around 2pm, we crash and want to go to bed on our desk, so we take skittles on Carole's desk to get back up. And hop, we start the wheel again. Our best advice, limit yourself to two coffees a day and also drink a lot of water. Instead of visiting Carol's office, go for a run if you can. Same battle with alcohol.

add protein

We often make bad food choices when we are hungry, like going to the grocery store when we are hungry and filling our baskets with chips and jujubes. The best appetite suppressant are high-protein foods. So make sure you have a source at every meal. We love smoothies as a snack. We add our favourite vegan protein Landish 3 seeds, marine collagen and berries and water. Super filling and fast.

find a healthy alternative

Sometimes it's hard to find an alternative to sugar pie with ice cream, but if the option is available to you, take it. A fruit salad is a better option. When you make the choice to have dessert, savour it and be 100% present. Remember that moderation tastes much better.

What do you think about that? Do you have another piece of advice for us? Come find us on social networks to share your opinion.

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